About the Capstone Design Experience


The Senior Design courses EE4810 and EE4820 are a sequence of required courses in both the electrical and computer engineering curricula. Their purpose is to provide our graduates with a capstone experience where they use team work to attack realistic engineering design problems.

The student teams are required to take the problem from the initial, likely fuzzy, formulation to the final product including construction and testing. They must consider budgetary, safety and other usual constraints encountered in the profession. They must practice their communication skills, interact with other disciplines, meet with sponsors, present progress reports and make a multimedia presentation of their final results in a public forum.

The first semester, in the course EE4810, the teams do the groundwork, proofs of concepts, and initial designs. At the same time they learn about team dynamics, conflict resolution, quality management, and other necessary skills. The second semester course, EE4820, is dedicated to construction and testing.

The faculty in Electrical and Computer Engineering are ultimately responsible for insuring that all students work in quality projects. At the same time we recognize the importance of industry sponsored projects and we actively seek senior design proposals from the industry. We expect that project sponsors will provide materials and, if necessary, special equipment required by a project. There is, necessarily, a small commitment of sponsor time in a dual role; first as client to clarify requirements and goals and second as expert advisers in some specific matters.


Students designed a submersible sensor to instrument the storm surge produced by hurricanes.


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